11″ Single Handle Cast Iron Skillet

When you need an extra inch, our 11” single-handle cast iron skillet does the job! It’s the perfect segue between our 10” and 12” skillet, perfect for pot pies, omelets, hashbrowns, fry-ups, and so much more. It easily accommodates meals for three to four people, cutting your cleanup time in half.

Discover the difference quality cookware makes in your daily routine. Our precisely engineered design ensures even heating for more predictable results, whether you’re cooking on the stovetop, in the oven, or over an open flame.

  • 100% Made in America
  • Produced in our 3rd Generation family-owned foundry
  • Twice seasoned
  • Polished
  • Ready for immediate use
  • 11” exterior diameter
  • 9.25” interior cooking surface
  • 2” height
  • 1.875” interior depth
  • Weighs approximately 6.5 pounds